Who Is Ja Morant

Ja Morant, whose full name is Temetrius Jamel Morant, is a pro basketball player with the Memphis Grizzlies. He was born on August 10, 1999 in Dalzell, South Carolina, to Tee and Jamie Morant, who were both into basketball during their school days. Even though Tee decided not to pursue pro basketball himself, he became a barber to be with Jamie and raise Ja. It’s touching that Ja bought his parents a lovely house near his in Tennessee. Ja values enjoying the game, inspired by his parents’ advice. Ja Morant net worth is estimated $50 million. He signed a $193 million, five-year deal extension with the Grizzlies. Check out his cool new house below!

Ja Morant House

Ja Morant’s residence is an impressive haven, comprising seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms within its expansive 13,000-square-foot confines. The mansion is adorned with various recreational spaces, including a game room, a generously sized living room, a modern kitchen, and a dedicated movie theater. Beyond its indoor allure, the property extends into the outdoors, showcasing a swimming pool, a basketball court, and an inviting outdoor kitchen and dining area. With a scenic view of a nearby lake, Morant’s $3.05 million home offers a perfect blend of luxury and comfort.

Living Room:

The heart of Morant’s home lies in its generously sized living room, where warmth and sophistication converge. This communal space is thoughtfully designed to encourage both relaxation and socialization. Whether it’s unwinding after a game or hosting gatherings with friends and family, this living room is a central hub that radiates comfort.

Ja Morant House Living Room

Bedrooms and Bathrooms:

Step into Ja Morant House, where luxury meets comfort in the form of seven spacious bedrooms and ten meticulously designed bathrooms. Each bedroom is a sanctuary, providing a perfect blend of relaxation and style. The ten bathrooms ensure convenience and elegance, offering a sense of opulence throughout the expansive property.

Modern Kitchen:

The culinary epicenter of Ja Morant House boasts a modern kitchen equipped with cutting-edge appliances and sleek design. This space isn’t just for preparing meals; it’s a testament to the intersection of functionality and style. The kitchen is a reflection of Morant’s contemporary taste and provides the perfect backdrop for culinary adventures.

Dedicated Movie Theater:

For the ultimate entertainment experience, Ja Morant House features a dedicated movie theater. Immerse yourself in cinematic magic without leaving the comfort of the residence. Whether it’s a private screening or a cozy movie night, this specially designed space offers a cinematic escape within the confines of Morant’s luxurious abode.

Ja Morant House Theater

Swimming Pool:



Escape to the outdoors of Ja Morant House, where a luxurious swimming pool awaits. The property is enhanced by a shimmering oasis, offering a refreshing retreat for relaxation and recreation. Surrounded by carefully landscaped surroundings, the swimming pool becomes a focal point for leisure, providing an idyllic setting for both quiet moments and lively gatherings.

Basketball Court:

Reflecting Morant’s passion for the game, the property features a dedicated basketball court. This is not just a court; it’s a personal playground for honing skills and enjoying the sport. Whether shooting hoops alone or engaging in friendly competitions with friends, the basketball court adds a dynamic element to Ja Morant House, celebrating athleticism and fostering a love for the game right in his own backyard.


Ja Morant House reflects his cool lifestyle and big success. With seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms, it’s like his personal triumph zone. The big living room and modern kitchen show his awesome taste, while the movie theater and outdoor fun areas balance work and play. The swimming pool is for chilling, and the basketball court is for his love of the game. In each room, you feel Ja Morant’s journey and see how he turned his hard work into a comfy and stylish home that matches his slam-dunk success.